Shelly Point Trail Run

Our trail grading: ORANGE 7A
Distance: 16.06km
Extremeness: Lots of ups and downs
Location: Beach & hill, Shelly Point, South Africa
Joggers: Only me

On Thursday afternoon, after our wiGroup strat session in the Shelly Point BON Hotel, I headed out onto the beautiful West Coast beach. I ran to the light house at Shelly Point and continued on the beach, all the way to the head quarters of  Lucky Star! I then headed out to the nearest hill to get some altitude. The wind was pumping and I planned my run to start into the wind. It was an fairly tough run and a welcoming changed of scenery. Unfortunately my TomTom bombed out when I tried to upload the run and I lost the GPX file. I still have the pictures though...

Statue of Vasco da Gama - on my way to the beach

Warming up on the sand

The light house

The run getting tougher

Awesome stone on the hill

All of Shelly Point from the beacon

Shelly Point Selfie


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