Newlands Forest Trail Run

Our trail grading: ORANGE 4B
Distance: 10km
Extremeness: Tough climb and technical single track
Location: Newlands Forest, Cape Town, South Africa
Joggers: Alistair Chivell, Andre Steenkamp, Charlene Davidoff, Gary Byrne, Henk Brank, Marele Furter & me

Today I ran with a group of legends from my work - the biggest group of guys doing an extreme jog together in the history of the Extreme Jogging blog! We did our standard 10km initiation route and it was Charlene and Marele's first jog with us. I am super impressed with these ladies! Not only did they smash the run, Marele went full out with the extremeness... diving on the downhill. Unfortunately I did not get a photo. Also, special mention to Andre Steenkamp who came back for his second extreme jog!

Seems that the pro, Gary, is the only one skilled enough to be in focus for a photo

Strange stretching behaviour

Marele is checking the view out - not sure about the other guys?!

Al Bolt Chivell celebrating conquering Plump pudding Hill

More strange behaviour

Gary leading the way going up the toughest uphill

Al recovering on the uphill - experience!

Great views looking back

It was getting dark when we hit the awesome final single tracks


Altitude vs Speed


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