Czech & Polish Border Explore Trail Run

Our trail grading: GREEN 8B
Distance: 38km
Extremeness: tough climb and single track
Location: Czech & Polish Border, Szklarska Poręba, Poland
Joggers: Only me

This morning I did an epic solo run - exploring the border between Czech Republic and Poland. I started at our hotel in Szklarska Poręba and worked my way towards the Ski slope - which I figured would go up the mountain. I hit a "green" marked cross road travelling up which I took. I found a friendly ski-lift operator who gave me a map, which I used to get to the "yellow" route. After about 1km of running I realised that I accidentally dropped my camera bag and I had to double-back to find it. The yellow route took my all the way to the highest peak in the area - Wielki Szyszak at 1508m. From here on I follow the red route - the single track which is basically the border between the two countries. I submitted a few more peaks and then turned around after about 20km. I struggled on the way back and took the yellow route all the way to Szklarska Poręba where a got lost before finding a supermarket for lunch!

The map I got

Where I dropped my camera bag

A yellow route marker

A nice bridge

Snow mobile!

Climbing more

Awesome single track

Wielki Szyszak

Epic trail

The epic trail continues

Rocky trail


Downhill through the forest


Altitude, pace & distance

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