Melkbaai to Greenways Beach Run

Our trail grading: YELLOW 10A (sand)
Distance: 11km
Extremeness: easy run with soft sand and rocks in some places
Location: Melkbaai to Greenways beach, Strand, South Africa
Joggers: Dion Smit & me

This jogged turned out to be more social than I expected. I started at sunset on the East side of Melkbaai and jogged in the direction of Gordons bay. My timing was perfect and the low tide ensured that I was not interrupted by to many rocks or soft sand. I jogged passed Greenways, all the way to an abandoned holiday area which seemed deserted and scary. I turned back hurriedly and soon found myself not alone anymore, and in the company of many fisherman, families playing on the beach and couples staring into each others eyes. On the way back an excited boy of 5 or 6 years old sprinted next to me for about 300m. When I passed my car I was already tired, but a random jogger joined me and in silence we picked up the pace jogging next to each other. After 2km of synchronized jogging I asked him what his name was and we chatted for the remainder of the jog. He is originally from the Strand but is currently living in Australia and is only back temporary to attend his sister's wedding. It was awesome chatting to a random jogger with a love for the beauty of South Africa and on our way back we agreed that there is no place like home!

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