Garden Route Dam Trail Run

Our trail grading: ORANGE 5A
Distance: 9.38km
Extremeness: Long grass and technical jeep track
Location: Garden Route Dam, George, South Africa
Joggers: Riana Roux and me

This was Riana's first extreme jog without Adriaan, and we could not really ask for more beautiful scenery. We jogged from my parents' house in Denneoord in the direction of the Garden Route Dam. Initially we jogged on non-technical gravel road, but as soon as we approached the dam the road was overgrown with long grass. Given the rain of the last couple of days there were many puddles of mud and everything seemed fresh with the typical George wet and moist smell. Riana skipped and jump with high knees between the grass... giggling like a little girl! The views of the Garden Route Dam was really spectacular and as we turned home we were greeted by an awesome sunset.

1.5km into the jog
Beautiful... Riana and Erica fynbos
Riana skipping through the tall grass like a little girl
More tall grass... more skipping
Jogging next to the Garden Route Dam with the Outeniqua Mountain range in the background
Beautiful view of the Garden Route Dam
Awesome reflections on the undisturbed dam 
Riana and the magnificent sunset
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