George Dam Trail Run

Our trail grading: ORANGE 3B
Distance: 18.75km
Extremeness: Wet and very technical single track
Location: George Dam, George, South Africa
Joggers: Only me

This morning I woke up early with a single mission in mind... jogging to the old George dam. I jogged from my parents house and the first 4km was smooth sailing - up and down established jeep tracks. The route then headed upwards with a gentle but long climb to 8km. It became wetter and wetter as I moved deeper into the gorge, which in the morning, lies in the shadow of the famous Tierkop. The final 1km down to the dam is extremely technical and in some places the single track is completely gone and replaced by little rivers. The "climb" down is worth it and the dam gives one an eerie vintage feel and for people with a fear of heights I would not recommend walking close to the side. I walked on the dam wall, took many photographs and almost lost my big toe against one of the many rusted iron rods sticking out of the dam (I assume they were used by the architects for measurements). I picked up the pace on my way back and after about 15km turned right onto a single track which is part of the Outeniqua hiking trail. The single track is absolutely awesome and everything you expect from a single track in natural George forest: very green, very wet, rocks covered in green algae, ferns, brambles and beautiful streams. I had no choice but to slow my jog to take everything in (and of course I was also becoming very tired at that stage). And all of this on the doorstep of the house that I grew up in... awesome!

Up in the morning (just) before the sun...
Beautiful green jeep track after the rain
Very wet turn in the road
Single track descending to the dam
The old George dam wall
The wall, leaking like a sieve and about 25m high
Dam beautiful reflection
Awesome single track, part of the Outeniqua hiking trail
More magical natural George forest
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