Coetzenburg Paradyskloof Loop Trail Run

Our trail grading: ORANGE 8B
Distance: 10km
Extremeness: Technical single tracks
Location: Coetzenburg, Paradyskloof, Stellenbosch, South Africa
Joggers: Only me

This morning I did a slow 10km to keep the legs going and the Achilles recovering. I'm not allowed to run the hills yet, so I slowed down to a walk and then also took it fairly easy on the steep downhills. I started at Coetzenburg and linked to Paradyskloof via the Proefplaas above G-spot. I came back on the top contour, linking to the Stellenbosch Mountain hiking trail and then returned via the hut.

Selfie time 
Out of this world

Epic scenery

Climbing above G-spot

Distance, altitude & pace

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