Grootbrak Beach Run

Our trail grading: YELLOW 10A (sand)
Distance: 6.5km
Extremeness: Easy and sandy with a tiring incline
Location: SAOU & Grootbrak Beach, Grootbrak, South Africa
Joggers: Johan Fourie & me

Even though Johan and I waited for low tide before we commenced this run, it did not really help with the steep incline we faced for about 80% of the route. Again we went bare foot and the route took us past Dwarsweg, Botha and Pienaar beach. We stopped when we reached Grootbrak river mouth. Again I post the beautiful sunset of this afternoon... our entire route of this morning is visible!

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Endomondo Running Workout: was out running 6.73 km in 44m:55s using Endomondo.

Endomondo speed & altitude profile
Endomondo Google Earth track

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