Glentana Beach Run

Our trail grading: YELLOW 10A (sand)
Distance: 9km
Extremeness: Easy and sandy with a tiring incline
Location: SAOU & Glentana Beach, Grootbrak, South Africa
Joggers: Johan Fourie & me

Johan and I spent more than 20 years planning this run from SAOU strand to Glentana! Not that the run is difficult, we just always found something better (or less tiring) to do every year around this time. The run was bare foot on the beach with 4.5km against the wind to Glentana and then 4.5km back to SAOU strand where we were camping. The run was at 9:20 and high tide at 5:00, so the sand was fairly hard with a steep incline at some places. The views of Mosselbay and the surrounding Garden Route area were awesome. For the last photo I posted the previous night’s sunset at SAOU beach!

Interesting: the Suid Afirkaanse Onderwys Unit (SAOU) camp area was initially exclusively for teachers (members of SAOU) and their families. That is, of course, how we got to camp here every December for more than 20 years --- both my parents are teachers. Today the SAOU camp terrain is open to everyone.

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Endomondo Running Workout: was out running 9.02 km in 56m:40s using Endomondo.

Endomondo altitude & speed profile

Endomondo Google Earth track

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