Stellenbosch Mountain Trail Run

Our trail grading: BROWN 7C
Distance: 12.59km
Extremeness: Technical single track and tough climb
Location: Stellenbosch Mountain, Stellenbosch, South Africa
Joggers: Only me

The intention of today was to do a tough run and more specifically, a tough climb. Luckily I have Stellenbosch mountain in my back yard! I needed time so started the run at 17:00 on a scorching day in Stellenbosch! Needless to say the run was extremely tough. I headed up to the ruin of the hut on my normal route and then climbed the mountain. As always I took one or two bad "lines" up the mountain which meant even more effort and rocking hopping/climbing. When I think back at the run all the suffering is forgotten... it was really awesome! ;)

Shadow selfie

Technical single track

Where I came from

The climb becoming tougher

Beautiful view of Botmaskop

Looking towards Simonsberg

Protea on my way down...

The sun set

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