Spur Trail Series Elgin Valley XL

Our trail grading: ORANGE 8A
Distance: 24.85km
Extremeness: Awesome single trail - very fast
Location: Oak Valley, Elgin, South Africa
Joggers: Me and 155 other runners

Today I participated in another awesome event of Wildrunner - the Elgin Valley XL. This race is super fast and even for someone just conditioned for around 20km I managed a pace of just below 6min/km over the 25km. Most of the race is on MTB single tracks and even tired legs refuse to go slower on these beauties... the scenery wasn't to bad either!

The familiar start of the race...

Happy extreme jogger

Beautiful scenery as we headed towards the rising sun

Quick single track

Quicker single track

Between two dams

Course map provided by Wildrunner

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