Spur Trail Series Silvermine Mountain XL

Our trail grading: BROWN 8A
Distance: 32km
Extremeness: Technical single track, tough climb & heat 
Location: Silvermine, Cape Town, South Africa
Joggers: Me and 200 other runners

This morning I did my longest trail race ever - the Silvermine XL, another well organised event by WildRunner! The route is mostly awesome technical single track with spectacular views of  Muizenberg, False Bay, Cape Town, Houtbaai and Noordhoek. Since I was not fit enough for this route, everything went smoothly up to where I started cramping at 22km... from here on it became a survival race! The downhill was fairly technical and the scorching heat made it challenging. I guess if it does not kill you it only makes you stronger! I won't do it again tomorrow, but maybe in 2 days time. ;)

First light

Runners getting ready

Beautiful sunrise

Technical downhill

Above Muizenberg

Looking towards Cape Point

Awesome aid station by Wildrunner

Up and towards Elephant's eye

Cleaning shoes

Technical downhill towards Ou Kaapse Weg

Beautiful view of Houtbaai

Course map provided by Wildrunner

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