Garden Route Dam Trail Run

Our trail grading: ORANGE 3A
Distance: 15.56km
Extremeness: Long grass and technical jeep track
Location: Garden Route Dam, George, South Africa
Joggers: Riana Roux and me

For this jog I had the privilege to run with my wife, while ouma and oupa watched our son. We started at my parents' house and jogged towards the Garden Route Dam. The intention was to run for about 45 minutes and then turn back. During the run we decided that it would be more fun to not turn around. That is, running all the way to the Garden Route Dam wall. The idea was that we would phone my dad to pick us up at the wall. However, when he did not answer, the only alternative was to run back! Luckily, after about 15km, my dad phoned and came to pick us up!

Riana heading up
And down 
An awesome (but short) single track we found
Jogging with the Outeniqua mountain as backdrop
Outeniqua's reflection on the Garden Route Dam 
That is me
Really technical and wet jeep track
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