Limeri to Mandrakia Trail Run II

Our trail grading: GREEN 4A
Distance: 6.69km
Extremeness: 2km of off-road
Location: Sarakiniko, Milos, Greece
Joggers: Only me
Post author: Riana Roux

My first solo trail run! I attempted the same route as Jaco and company, but since there is no sign of any paths for the first 2km, same means in the same direction. The coast line was breathtaking (even more so than the crazy uphill at the end of the route) which makes this route far to short! Except for losing my way a few times, this was an incredible run.

To Sarakiniko beach
A part of the beautiful coastline of Milos
To Mandrakia
Where the towns have no name...
Self portrait
Looking back over the first uphill aka taking a break
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