Kastro to Apolonia Trail Run

Our trail grading: ORANGE 7B
Distance: 7.77km
Extremeness: Technical single track & off-road
Location: Kasto, Sifnos, Greece
Joggers: Edwin Cross, Rita Nel, Corrie Erasmus & me

For this second extreme jog on Sifnos we started by following the coastal single track to the North of Kastro. Rita and Edwin decided to turn around when the single track stopped, while Corrie and I continued on game trails/off-road. At a church in the middle of nowhere, we turned upwards and headed up a few hundred stone steps. We then connected to the "main" road and ran all the way to Apolonia, the capital of the island. From here, we took the shortest road down to Kastro.

Glorious contour single track
The single track to the North
Under a church...
A few hundred stone stairs
A fork in the road
Jogging into Apolonia 
Disturbing the Greek sheep 
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