Kliprug Trail Run

Our trail grading: ORANGE 3A
Distance: 20km
Extremeness: Heat, sandy- and off-road
Location: Kliprug, Calvinia, South Africa
Joggers: Jogging solo

This jog started with a 6km gradual climb from the upper gate of Kliprug farm. I reached the critical  landmark, a windpomp (i.e. water pumping windmill?), after which I jogged towards the Western fence of Kliprug. After scaring a troop of baboons I jogged down towards the part of the farm which borders the Keiskie farm. I then took a sheep trail which led to nowhere and caused me to add another 2km of exploration to my jog. After I took a short-cut or two to get back to the windpomp, I headed home. What an absolutely beautiful jog...

The start of a long hill
Rewarding views of Keiskie
Looking back at where I came from 
Rebunie- and Hantam Mountains
The beautiful "Roggeveld" landscape

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