Helderberg Green- Trail Run

Our trail grading: Green 5B
Distance: 8.5km
Extremeness: Narrow single tracks, cliffs and an off-road shortcut
Location: Helderberg, Somerset West, South Africa
Joggers: Andries Heyns & me

I suppose when you explore a new trail you're bound to get more that you expect. The road today was tough, with very technical and awesome parts. We started with a wooden pathway and single track for about 1km until we reached the Blue trail. Jogging anti-clockwise today the climb was very tough, continuing on the Red trail into Disa gorge, until we came to the sign in the second picture below. Here we turned onto the very narrow Green trail... a slip/trip on this trail would result in a very fast almost vertical descent! After about 1km on the Green trail we got distracted by the beauty of the sea and Cape point and lost the main road somehow. Given the slide marks everywhere it was evident that the same has happened to many a hiker and we continued off-road down an ankle twisting slope to reach the Red trail again. From here on the run became easier and we finished with 2.5km of aggressive downhill jogging!

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