Square Tower, Pieke and Rifberg Adventure

Our trail grading: RED 9C
Distance: 23km
Extremeness: Technical single tracks & massive climbs
Location: Jonkershoek, Stellenbosch, South Africa
Joggers: Fareed Behardien, Jana de Waal, Matt Anderson, Mihali Grispos, Simon de Waal & Wim Morris

Today I did the "trail" with the toughest rating on my blog! We started from the Jonkershoek gate and made our way to the saddle as directly as humanly possible. We then made our way to Square Tower Peak and Pieke (the North Peak). At the next kloof, the rest of the crew had to leave us and Wim and I continued up Rifberg. This climb turned my legs to jelly and we decided not to attempt Katedraal today. We came down a route called "slabs" - definitely NOT one of my favourite routes. After almost 2000m of altitude gain, I was completely nackered and we had to walk back. What an epic route with epic company. I got new respect for the pro athletes that run the Jonkershoek Marathon/FKT in under 9 hours!

Climbing from the saddle with Simonsberg as backdrop


The classic foot photo on Square Tower Peak

More rock hopping

And now for the Pieke

Simon almost fell down the mountain here!

More contour single tracks

We even worked in a short run :|

Spot the Wim!

On our way to Rifberg - 'n bulletjie!

Living on the edge

From here even Pieke looks small

On Rifberg

Cathedral Peak

Leopard scratching


Altitude, pace & distance

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