Onder Keiskie Trail Run

Our trail grading: YELLOW 4A
Distance: 6.44km
Extremeness: Tough climb & off-trail
Location: Keiskie & Kliprug Farm, Calvinia, South Africa
Joggers: Only me

This afternoon I did the Onder Keiskie farm loop - starting at the Keiskie farm house. I decided to go without my hydrapack and shirt to keep it minimalistic. My mouth become super dry and I don't think I should run more than 5km in summer here without water. It was like running in the desert... without water! ;)

I jumped over this gate

Trespassers will be shot... and then I picked up the pace

Typical Hantam scene

Old clay ruin

Car in the distance

Road to no-where


Altitude, pace & distance

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