Kliprug Fountain Trail Run

Our trail grading: GREEN 6B
Distance: 19.1km
Extremeness: Off-road & heat
Location: Kliprug Farm, Calvinia, South Africa
Joggers: Only me

This morning I did another epic trail on Keiskie and Kliprug farms. I started from the Keiskie farm house and ran around the dam towards Arendskop (aka Eagle's Head). I ran all the way to the fountain where we get our water from. I then headed up a hill called Kleinberg - aka Little Mountain. After climbing past awesome rock formations, I turned towards Keiskie farm. I followed the cattle trails to the closest jeep track and then headed back to Keiskie on established gravel roads.

Arendskop (aka Eagle's Head)

Funky rocks

Looking back at where I came from

Nice rock formations

Hantam road

More funky rocks

Looking back towards Calvinia

Looking towards Keiskie


Altitude, pace & distance


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