George Dam Trail Run

Our trail grading: ORANGE 7B
Distance: 17.74km
Extremeness: Tough climb and technical single track
Location: Outeniqua Mountains, George, South Africa
Joggers: Only me

This Saturday I was back in my home town, George, running the greenest trails on Earth! ;) I started from my parent's house and did one of my favourite single tracks - 3km of awesome natural Garden Route forest. I then headed up the mountain to about 7.5km, where I got onto a single track I spotted during a run earlier this year. To my disappointment, it was only about 1km of new trail, before it linked to my normal trail leading to the old George Dam. I ran all the way to the dam and back. The heat was fairly extreme and the humidity very high. That being said, who can complain about scenery like this?!

Epic forest selfie

Epic scenery

Deeper into the mountain

A new unexplored trail!

Damn high dam wall

On the dam wall

More awesome single track


Altitude, pace & distance

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