Newlands Forest Trail Run

Our trail grading: YELLOW 2A
Distance: 9km
Extremeness: A sign said: "Flood Damage: Process at own risk"
Location: Newlands Forest, Cape Town, South Africa
Joggers: Christiaan van Niekerk & me

As I drove to the start of our jog a layer of thick clouds/fog started to rapidly move in from Cape Point. A strong breeze rattled my Polo and then immediately vanished. This sinister-feeling weather must have been attributed to the fact that Christiaan came back from the dead (i.e. being a mountain biker) to join me for a jog.

The jog started with a steep single track, ascending through the natural forest. After taking detours around a tree or two we reached a jeep track which continued to climb and then became a contour path at about 2km into the run. The views of Cape Town and especially the harbour and Table Bay were magnificent! After a sharp decent at about 4km we headed back, turning up the pace for the final stretch of smooth gravel road through the natural forest... awesome!

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