Helderberg Yellow Trail Run

Our trail grading: YELLOW 3A
Distance: 5km
Extremeness: Running with a Silver Arrow pram and a 10.5kg Adriaan
Location: Helderberg, Somerset West, South Africa
Joggers: The Rouxs (Riana Roux, Adriaan Roux & me)

Today the entire Roux(mer) family went for an extreme jog! We started with the familiar Pine forest off-road and then turned unto the Helderberg Yellow Hiking trail. The Silver Arrow pram is pretty amazing and it handle some pretty rough terrain and a section of single track with ease. Adriaan, however, had to hold on for his life! After about 2.5km the road became to technical for him and some tears were shed! I jogged for about 1km of technical jeep track with him in my arms and then he was happy to get back in the roller coaster for the final stretch on the wooden pathways of Helderberg Nature Reserve.

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