Helderberg Yellow+ Trail Run

Our trail grading: ORANGE 3A
Distance: 8km
Extremeness: Scrambling through a pine forest or two
Location: Helderberg, Somerset West, South Africa
Joggers: Only me

Today I played in the lower part of the Helderberg Nature Reserve. My route started at the main gate and I headed towards the pine plantation in the South East. I soon reached the fence between the reserve and Erinvale Golf Estate and headed upwards. Again I realized why I would not start playing golf while I can still run... or walk fast. I took the first road left which lead downward towards the second patch of pine trees. Here I had a quick scramble through an awesome flat and exciting piece of forest and then joined up with the Yellow hiking trail. I completed the entire Yellow trail and then headed up again along the single track I discovered during my Helderberg Spider trail run. I linked up with the Yellow route at the top, turned up the pace and even had a small random scramble through the pine plantation again... just because I can!

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