Rempart Mountain Trail Run

Our trail grading: RED 9C
Distance: 9.2km
Extremeness: Sand
Location: Rempart Mountain, Tamarin, Mauritius
Joggers: Only me

Today I did another run in paradise. Kausheek dropped me at the foot of Rempart Mountain after work and I made my way past a sugar cane plantation and got lost in a forest playing with some thorns. I then found a more decent jeep track and crossed a fairly big river. The route was eventful and I saw no less than 63 Rusa Deer, monkeys and something with a long yellow tail - I've got no idea what it was. I tried a road to the North of the mountain, but after 1km it started to decent. I then took a road to the South and found a very rocky single track going up. The ladders were broken so I had to apply some of my free climbing skills. I then started to go up the side of the epic mountain! This is one of the coolest routes I have ever climbed. Unfortunately I did not have climbing equipment and called it quits at the 3rd dodgy cable bridge/ladder. What an awesome run!

Starting next to the sugar cane plantation


Epic view with more deer in the distance

Awesome trail

More awesome trail

On the climb

Very dodgy bridge

Super steep going down

More steepness


Distance, pace & altitude


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