Black River Gorge Trail Run

Our trail grading: BROWN 10C
Distance: 15km
Extremeness: Technical single tracks, stones and mud
Location: Black River Gorge, Mauritius
Joggers: Only me

This morning I ticked one of the bucket list... trail running in Black River Gorge, Mauritius. I did a solo run without any prior research of the area, just exploring whatever trail looked epic. I started at the Black River Information Center, first running to the Mare Aux Joncs Waterfall and back. I then went up the Pilgrims trail and linked to the Macchabee Trail, running all the way to the Macchabee View Point... what an hectic climb. At this point my legs were jelly and tried to take another road down that ended up climbing further. I had to turn around and after 4 hours of fun I jumped into the river.

Black River Selfie

Cute creatures I found

Mare Aux Joncs Waterfall

Classic Black River Trail

Looking towards the sea

Macchabee View Point

Typical downhill

More epicness

Some shoes don't make it here

Tough day out for my Brooks

Red trail

More beautiful views coming down

Trail food... Cherry Guavas


Altitude, pace & distance


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