Keiskie Farm Explore Trail Run

Our trail grading: YELLOW 7A
Distance: 10.1km
Extremeness: Off-trail in a river bed
Location: Keiskie Farm, Calvinia, South Africa
Joggers: Only me

For my first run of the year I decided to run two short roads on the farm and go off-trail for some adventure. I started from the Keiskie farm house, running towards town. I turned onto a short road that connected to a field and then followed a river bed all the way to Besemskloof (translated, something in the line of Broom's Valley). I ran back to the main road and then followed another small road into another small valley. It was nice to do some exploring before leaving the farm

Heading out for adventure

The river bed

More open spaces

The end of the road


Altitude, pace & distance


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