Coetzenburg Pram Run

Our trail grading: YELLOW 4A
Distance: 4.5km
Extremeness: Strong wind & pram
Location: Coetzenburg, Stellenbosch, South Africa
Joggers:  Adriaan Roux & me

This afternoon when I came home my son wanted to go for a run. I decided to rest until Sunday's race, but who can say no to that face. :| We did a short Coetzenburg loop run with the pram. We had some action when his pram toppled over while I was taking a photo. I rushed forward but could not stop his fall completely. The tough little man did not ever cry and the fall was forgotten as we sped down the next hill!

Top of the hill

Looking into Jonkershoek

Little man running

Adriaan enjoying the single track

Altitude, pace & distance

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