Coetzenburg to Paradyskloof Trail Run

Our trail grading: YELLOW 7A
Distance: 8.53 km
Extremeness: Technical single track and a little climb
Location: Coetzenburg & Paradyskloof, Stellenbosch, South Africa
Joggers: Only me

Yesterday I decided to do things the old-school way and instead of driving to someone for a visit, run to them. ;) We had a braai at Deryck's house last night, so I ran there. The route started with my standard Coetzenburg run, which then linked to the Paradyskloof routes. I stayed on the top contour and then dropped down from the abandoned house all the way to the gate at the bottom. From here I jogged straight to Deryck's house - about 1km from the gate.

Looking towards Botmaskop

Looking towards Stellenbosch

My shadow with the Pieke as backdrop

Beautiful sunset
Basic stats
Google map
Altitude vs speed

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