Block House Trail Run

Our trail grading: ORANGE 5A
Distance: 10.5km
Extremeness: Tough climb and technical contour single track
Location: Newlands Forest, Cape Town, South Africa
Joggers: Christiaan van Niekerk & me

We started our Newlands Forest jog with the regular route, reaching the Table Bay lookout point after about 25min. From here we climbed straight towards the famous old Block House. By using our Spidey senses we found the top most single track heading back towards Kirstenbosch. This is a beautiful single track which turn into wooden walkways after about 2km - providing our ankles with the necessary rest. We took the first single track downwards and linked to our regular route heading back to our cars.

Suffering in an awesome environment
Last light on this side of Table Mountain 
Table Bay
The real climb begins...
The Block House
What Christiaan would do in the heat of battle

A new single track to us
An awesome view as we left the trees
The "extreme jog" turning into a walk in the park
Back to extreme jogging again
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