Mount Ceder MTB Trail Run

Our trail grading: ORANGE 3A
Distance: 6km
Extremeness: Rocky road
Location: Mount Ceder, Cederberg Mountain, South Africa
Joggers: Corrie, Deryck, Lianie & me

This Friday we swapped out our Paradyskloof regular for a jog in the Cederberg mountains! Unfortunately there were no hiking trails near by, so we decided to do the MTB trail of Mount Ceder Lodge. Although the road was very rocky in some places, the scenery was beautiful and the weather perfect. What a way to start a weekend chill in the Cederberg Mountains!

Crossing "Grootrivier" (Big River)
Jogging through an olive grove
Corrie (fresh from doing nothing in Germany) negotiating the uphill
Some rocky downhill...
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