Keiskie Explore Trail Run

Our trail grading: RED 8B
Distance: 7.5km
Extremeness: Lots of off-road, bushes and dryness
Location: Keiskie Farm, Calvinia, South Africa
Joggers: Only me

I've run all the 'known' roads on the Keiskie farm and for this run is was time to explore a new area... which meant going off-road. I ran to the biggest gorge under Keiskie Mountain and then headed up to the first steep contour. I made a decision to stay in the middle of the cliff as far as I could. I discovered the cave of a predator (probably a Caracal) and sat in silence absorbing the epic views a number of times. I came back via the road at Witvoet in very hot weather.

This is the view of views!
Discovered this new (old) column

View from the bottom

Cave of the predator... full of bones.

Something the predator ate...

Another view

And another view from the cliff

View while resting in a cave

Looking down towards Witvoet

Altitude, pace & distance


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