Le Morne Mountain Trail Run

Our trail grading: ORANGE 7B
Distance: 6.7km
Extremeness: Tough climb, scambles & oven heat
Location: Le Morne Mountain, Mauritius
Joggers: Tim Sprowson & me

This morning we ran up and down Le Morne Mountain, a National Heritage site only recently re-opened to the public. The mountain was used as a fortress... escaped slaves climbed the risky landscape and steep rock formations to reach the plateau at the top. They converted the caves into permanent shelters and took refuge in the thick vegetation to avoid detection. You basically climb from the start, and after the view point it becomes a proper scramble. The view as simply incredible and worth every drop of sweat... and there were a lot of sweat.

The view

The view on the other side

And this side again

Locals climbing the mountain

Looking back

The view almost at the top

Tourist taking pictures at the top

I also made it up

Me and Tim (Trail Terrier) 

Epic photo of me taken by Tim

The mountain from the bottom

Altitude, distance & pace


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