Botmaskop 5km Trail Run

Our trail grading: ORANGE 8B
Distance: 5.1km
Extremeness: Awesome technical single tracks
Location: Stellenbosch, South Africa
Joggers: Only me

I'm so glad I did the single tracks on the lower slopes of Botmaskop on Saturday morning. This evening, it is all burning to the ground. :| I ran from my house, getting onto the single track as soon as possible. I steadily climbed to 2.5km from my house and then turned around. My ankle is getting stronger and stronger and I could slowly pick up the pace on the way down... awesome.

Yeah baby... single tracks. Awesome single tracks.

Heading towards Botmaskop

Just out of the forest

More single tracks

The fire this evening... taken from my house.

Altitude, pace & distance


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