Newlands Forest Trail Run

Our trail grading: ORANGE 4B
Distance: 10km
Extremeness: Tough climb & technical single track
Location: Newlands Forest, Cape Town, South Africa
Joggers: Alistair Chivell, Brian Lindsay, Gary Byrne, Henk Brank, Sean Fea-tonby, Thaine Sasman & me

This morning I did an awesome run with the boys in Newlands forest. Four experience extreme jogging campaigners and a newbie... Brian Lindsay. Brian got into the groove quickly with some banter and strong running on the hills. Not so sure about his obsessive selfie taking, but well, at least I have some dodgy photos of myself now. We did the standard 10km route and it was amazing as expected.

Gary and Thaine pushing ahead

Brian silhouette... strategically hiding his yoga tights

The front bunch

The sweepers

Dark clouds moving in from Table Mountain

Quick break

Beautiful single track

Thaine and Henk in the rock garden

Dodgy Brian selfie and one of his victims... Gary.

After a tough climb... another Brian pic


Altitude, pace & distance


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