Jonkershoek 21.1km Trail Run

Our trail grading: GREEN 6B
Distance: 21.1km
Extremeness: Very tough climb & technical single track
Location: Jonkershoek, Stellenbosch, South Africa
Joggers: Deryck Nel & me

This Saturday morning we did an Eastern Loop in Jonkershoek that turned out to be exactly the distance of a half marathon! We started on the standard 10km loop and then went up the dreaded Panorama hiking route climb. After 600m of climbing in 3km we hit the beautiful contour single track in the shadows of the Pieke. We took Never Ending on our way down, but I pulled a muscle or somewhere near my calf which got tighter and tighter on the way down. On the last 3km I was forced to switch between hiking and running regularly.

Pink & purple flowers everywhere!

The climb!

Epic view towards 2nd Waterfall

Running the in shadows of the Pieke

More awesome single tracks

Linking to Never Ending with this jeep track


Altitude, pace & distance

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