Stellenbosch Mountain Trail Run

Our trail grading: BROWN 7C
Distance: 14.93km
Extremeness: Technical single track and tough climb
Location: Stellenbosch Mountain, Stellenbosch, South Africa
Joggers: Only me

This Saturday I decided to complete my Stellenbosch Mountain challenge and go all the way to the top. I started from my house and climbed all the way to the top in about 1h45. I took a breather and called Riana when I got to the exact spot where Riana and I got engaged. What a beautiful spot! Five minutes later all planning of a fast descent was screwed when I lost concentration and sprained my ankle badly. Needless to say the super technical single track downward was not easy. It was still an awesome extreme jog, but I will have do a proper down run another day!


Looking towards Cape Town... Table Mountain on the left.

Funky rock 

The climb becoming steeper

Looking towards False Bay and Cape Point

Awesome single track

Another funky rock

Almost at the top

The highest peak on the left

That makes it a 900m climb from my house

The Stellenbosch Mountain Summit

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