Jonkers Rainy Trail Run

Our trail grading: ORANGE 6A
Distance: 16.4km
Extremeness: Wet with a stream or two and very bad light for photos
Location: Jonkershoek, Stellenbosch, South Africa
Joggers: Deryck Nel & me

When we stopped in Jonkershoek this morning we realized that we would not be able to do the route we originally planned. It was very cold and raining - again BB Weather and Android's AccuWeather was not accurate at all! We started on the Eastern side of the Jonkers loop and turned towards the Twins after about 3km. From here on it was up, and up, and up, until we reached the highest contour route after about 4km of tedious climbing. The upper contour was as awesome as always and we had to go knee deep through a stream at one stage. As we came down we discovered a new MTB track! Some beautiful people, I assume it is Dirtopia, extended the Upper Canary to carrying on to the next contour! That means that we finished  our jog with all 4 parts of the Canary - the lower, middle, upper and higher upper?!

Deryck jogging very slowly
The "green line" above Deryck's head is the upper contour
The streams were flowing strong because of all the rain
Slippery single track - a fall here would be painful and cold
Deryck crossing a stream
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