Arendskop Trail Run

Our trail grading: ORANGE 7B
Distance: 8km
Extremeness: Dry semi-desert air and a climb
Location: Keiskie Farm, Calvinia, South Africa
Joggers: Riana Roux & me

Yesterday Riana and I got into the holiday mood with an adventures run on Keiskie farm. We started at the farm house, ran through the dry dam, all the way to the foot of Arendskop. We climbed to the top and then headed up the hill to link to the road at the top. We then followed the road down and ran back to the house via the dry river. Now it is holiday! ;)

Road to nowhere

Arendskop (Eagles Head) at a distance

Tough routes

The climb

Riana on top of Arendskop

Riana waiting for me at the top

Seat with a view

King of the hill

Riana on the downhill

In the dry riverbed

River detour


Altitude, distance & pace


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