3 Stooges Adventure

Our trail grading: RED 9C
Distance: 9km
Extremeness: Technical single tracks and epic stambles
Location: Devil's Peak, Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa
Joggers: Alistair Chivell, Carl Campher, Fareed Behardien, Henk Brand, Jac Bell, Mark Theunissen

On Saturday we did an epic adventure with Henk for his birthday. We started at Rhodes Memorial, went up Knife's Edge and climbing to the Devils Peak Summit via the Direct Route. On the way down I had a freak fall and sprained my ankle badly. Luckily I had my first kit close by, strapped it up properly, and decided to still summit Table Mountain. We then went up Table Mountain via the legendary Ledges route! We tagged Maclear's Beacon, but at this stage my ankle was fairly painful and I was keeping the guys back. Sad to say I had to take the damn cable car down.

Selfie with legends

Some banter

And more

Starting the 'real' climb

Epic views towards the blockhouse

His happy place

Rare view of the Hilalanian Tahrs ;) 

And a selfie with the Tahrs

On top of Faridge ;)

King of Devil's Peak

Knife's edge

Awesome trails

Dropping down from Devil's Peak

Living on the edge

Living more on the edge

Living in the bush on the edge

Our own way up to the Devil's Peak Summit

The paparazzi they go flash flash for their gorgeousness


A quick strapping after my fall

Starting up ledges

Getting more technical

Mark spotting a new pool

Final scramble up Ledges

Phoning a friend on top of Table Mountain

My final sad view... damn ankle.


Distance, pace & altitude


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