St James Trail Run

Our trail grading: ORANGE 5B
Distance: 4km
Extremeness: Some offroad & a climb
Location: Ou Kraal, St James, South Africa
Joggers: Pete Miller & me

Yesterday afternoon Pete and I needed a break after a hectic day of strat and "shadow work". We ran from the Villa (the old house of Jan Smuts), heading up random stairs. We lost a proper trail and had to do some off-road before hitting Boyes Drive. We turned onto a single track called Ou Kraal and headed back to Kalk Bay on a beautiful contour single track. We then descended down a few hundred stairs and came back running in the rain next to the sea. Only 4km, but amazing!

Off-road fun

Trail double selfie

Awesome contour single track

More epicness

Pete waiting for me :|

Typical Cape Nataure route markers


Distance, altitude & pace


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